The CSKA 2011 Squad has been selected. This squad will be representing the CSKA in the upcoming JKS National Championships in Nottingham. These are to take place on Sunday 27th November.

The squad was selected following a number of Squad training sessions which took place at Hawarden High School.

Further sessions are to take place on the build up to the event and hopefully continue throughout the year in order to build on what will hopefully be an extremely successful Squad!!

The Senior squad:

Stu Needham (Kata, Kumite, Team Kumite)

Phil Manning (Kata, Kumite, Team Kumite)

Charles Godfrey (Kata, Kumite, Team Kumite)

Tom Heggie (Kata, Kumite, Team Kumite)

Giles Warburton (Kumite, Team Kumite)

Roger Warburton (Kumite, Team Kumite)

The Junior Squad:

Will Oakland (Kata, Kumite)

Jai York (Kata, Kumite, Team Kata)


Anyone wanting to compete in future events or take part in future squad training, please speak with Sensei Stu Needham.

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