A Fond Farewell to ‘Iggy’

Good Luck!!After training with the CSKA for two years at the Hawarden Dojo, ‘Iggy’ is moving on.

‘Iggy’ has trained exceptionally hard since he joined the club and has improved dramatically over the years. He has competed in a few competitions and even gone up against some of the countries black belts, and WON!!

Although we will be sad to see him go, The CSKA would like to wish him and his family all of our best for the future.

We hope that this is not goodbye and that we can keep in touch and possibly train together again in the future!!

Good Luck Iggy!!


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  1. Egis says:

    Dear all my friends,
    I am back in my country Lithuania. Once again I would like to thank you all for good time spent together. I hope I will see you soon.
    Keep in touch

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