A message from Stu Needham

I would like to express my thanks to all of those that nominated me for Denbighshire Coach of the Year 2012.

Unfortunately I did not win the award but to be nominated and to get through to the final three was a great honour in itself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank students, fellow karate-ka and parents for their continued support, not only for myself but also the CSKA.

Many parents are committed to bringing their children week after week to the clubs in order to help them develop and improve. This does not go un-noticed by the instructors and we are all very grateful.

From an instructors point of view, we also put a massive amount of our time in both at karate and also behind the scenes in order to secure funding and improve students using various methods.

Looking forward to 2013 – Having been involved in the Sports Awards this year, I hope that next year we are in a position to nominate, not just individuals, but also teams and the club!! There are many events at the awards that the CSKA fully deserves to be nominated for. Karate is an up and coming sport and is being recognised more and more each year.

In the past we have been involved in events such as these and some of you may not know, but Sensei John BARKER was sucessful in being nominated (by myself) for Sports Coach of the Year for Flintshire. He quite rightly Won the event. He is one of the only coaches that I can think of in Karate that has – Coached Local, National & International Champions whilst at the same time training himself to become WORLD CHAMPION!! – I challenge you to find better karate coaches in the local area than Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy have to offer!!   

Finally, Next year, keep an eye on both Denbighshire and Flintshire Websites and get those nominations in for Sports Persons/Clubs/Teams!! We have an excellent club, lets get it recognised!! 

Thanks again


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  1. Diane says:

    Well said! The time and effort that all the coaches put in, both at Hawarden and Llanbedr, is much appreciated by the parents and the students. Without the coaches turning up, week in week out, our children could not take part in karate and would miss out on competitions and an activity which promotes self discipline and self improvement. Thank you.

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