A New Dan Grade

The CSKA would like to congratulate Jai York on attaining his 1st Dan Black Belt.

Jai completed his dan examination on Sunday 14th August. This was not an easy task…

Jai was required to complete, not only his grading syllabus but also those leading up to black belt. As the grading came to an end it was obvious that Jai had exhausted all of his energy…… and then came the kumite!!

Jai performed excellently, it was quite possibly the best kumite demonstration that he has ever performed.

Keep up the good work Jai….. It will only get harder!!


2 Responses to “A New Dan Grade”

  1. Dave says:

    Jai, Congratulations on attaining Black Belt!!

  2. Colin Bainbridge says:

    Well done Jai, everybody in the hall was rooting for you !!!

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