Competition Results October 2013

On Sunday 13th October 2013 the CSKA sent a junior and senior team to the 24th BSK National Open Championships, Oldham.

For most this was their first National competition and the nerves were soon showing. Fortunately the squad were able to overcome those nerves and put on a fantastic display achieving some exceptional results and a haul of medals. Their competition spirit, attitude and etiquette was impeccable and they all represented the CSKA to the highest standard. Photo’s from the day can be seen on our PHOTO PAGE.

Oldham 2013Pictured: Jacob, Cameron, Sam, Lois, Megan –¬†Unfortunately James & William Sylvester were unavailable for the photo, We will update the page with one upon their return.

The Junior Results:

Cameron Coventry – Kumite 2nd, Team Kata 3rd

Jacob Stephenson – Team Kata 3rd

James Sylvester – Team Kata 3rd

Lois Wake – Kumite 3rd, Kata 3rd, Team Kata 2nd

Megan Wake – Kumite 3rd, Kata 3rd, Team Kata 2nd

William Sylvester – Team Kata 2nd

The Senior Results:

Zoe Evans – Kumite 1st

Phil Manning – Kumite 3rd, Team Kumite 3rd

Tom Heggie – Team Kumite 3rd



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  1. Stuart says:

    Absolutely Fantastic performance by everyone. Well Done!!

  2. Dave S says:

    Well done to all. Great result for you all and club

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