July 2012 Round-up

What’s been happening within the CSKA in July??    Well it has certainly been fun-packed!!

We have hosted an inter-club competition which was really well attended. This was the first competition for some of our members. Lots of medals and trophies were taken home and there were lots of proud parents. Pictures are available on th photo’s page, click HERE.

Following this there was a fun night held at Pentre Club. This was a chance for the adults to go out for a drink whilst the kids were entertained by a magician. It also gave parents an opportunity to mix with the club instructors and get to know everyone better. Hopefully there will be many more to come!! If anyone has any pictures to share, please comment in the box below and i’ll get in touch!!

A number of junior and senior gradings have taken place over the July period with Tom Heggie gaining 1st Kyu…… Next one is Black…… Prepare for a gruelling 12 months training Tom!!

We have a new student of the month!!

We have been invited to The ISKU Karate competition which is to be held in Glasgow on 24th November. This is a competition that the CSKA used to regularly attend. Hopefully there will be a number of people available top attend…… For those wishing to go…… See Stu so that numbers can be sorted early and transport and accomodation arranged.

If anyone has any other news or would like something mentioning or to see any other things on the CSKA website please get in touch!!

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