Llanbedr Grading

Last night (Wednesday 7th November 2012) was the junior grading at CSKA’s Llanbedr DC Dojo.

In total, 9 students graded. They all put on a good display of what they had been practicing since their last grading.

It was also very good to see Roan Jones and Isabella Warburton who have been with the club since it opened in September 2010 achieve their Brown Belts (3rd Kyu). They were both able to show a standard for all of the lower grades to aim for in the future!! 

Well done to all…. Keep it up and hopefully we will be seeing some black belt gradings in the future!!

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  1. admin says:

    Methinks you mean November 7th?

  2. Diane says:

    Well done to all those who graded on Wednesday. Looking fwd to seeing you next week in your new belts. Great picture!!

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