Nidan Success for Ged

Ged FitzsimmonsOn Sunday 14th October 2012 Chikara Shotokan Karate Academy hosted a black belt course at their Hawarden Dojo. This was a well attended course where participants worked on the finer points of kata, kumite and kihon.

The course was conducted under the instruction of Shihan Ian Smith (6th Dan – Chief Instructor of the CSKA).

There were some fantastic demonstrations of how to put compression and extension to use. All participants trained extrmely hard and all appeared to have enjoyed the session providing some excellent feedback.

The course concluded with a Dan grade examination.

Ged Fitzsimmons was successful in obtaining Nidan (2nd dan).

This was infront of a grading panel of the CSKA’s top instructors – Shihan Ian Smith (6th Dan), Sensei John Barker (5th Dan), Sensei Roy Lawson (5th Dan) – Not an easy task for anyone!!

The CSKA would like to congratulate Ged on his achievement and wish him every success in his future training.

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    Congratulations! Well done

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