Sensei Dave Scregg – Yondan

Sensei Dave Scregg - Yondan

Sensei Dave Scregg – Yondan

Congratulations to Sensei Dave Scregg who graded on Sunday 13th September 2015 and was successful in attaining the grade of Yondan (4th Dan).

Dave is a well respected member of the club and it is with great pleasure that I announce this award.

Over the 27 years Sensei Dave Scregg has been part of the CSKA, he has made not only the club a fantastic learning environment but he also instils life values, discipline, courtesy, self-esteem, focus & concentration within students past and present. Due to Dave’s method of teaching/coaching, parents have said that his method of developing students’ concentration also assists their children academically.

Congratulations from all at the CSKA

2 Responses to “Sensei Dave Scregg – Yondan”

  1. Dave Shimmin says:

    Very well deserved Dave, congratulations.

  2. keith wilson says:

    congratulations sensei on your yondan grade
    your effort dedication and your humble approach
    to our sport is to be admired
    well done dave, xx

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