Congratulations – Shuhari Open Results

Congratulations to all of the CSKA members that attended and competed in the Shuhari Open last weekend.

The medal haul for the CSKA was as follows:

IMG-20150311-WA0002Individual Catergories

Phil Manning – 1st Place Senior Kumite, 3rd Place Senior Kata;

Eli Dunlop – 2nd Place Cadet Kumite

Alexi Reade – 2nd Place – Boys 9-12yrs Kumite – 4th kyu and below

Megan Wake – 3rd Place – Girls 9-12yrs Kumite

IMG-20150311-WA0011Team Events

CSKA Jnr A – 1st Place Junior Team Kata

CSKA Jnr B – 2nd Place Junior Team Kata

CSKA Snr A – 3rd Place Senior Team Kata


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