Christmas Gladiators & Re-start

The CSKA will soon be hibernating for a few weeks as Christmas draws closer.

The final Class of the year will be:

Wednesday 17th December 2014 @ Llanbedr DC.

Thursday 18th December 2014 @ Hawarden High.

‘Gladiators’ will be held at Hawarden High School on Sunday 14th December 2014.

Hawarden will be re-starting on Tuesday 6th January 2015 and Llanbedr DC will be re-starting on Wednesday 7th January 2015.

GLADIATORS – Sunday 14th December 2014

Hawarden High School – 10:45 until approx 14:00

Gladiators is an annual Christmas event which is held by the CSKA instructors. Basically it is a chance for all of the junior students to take part in numerous individual and team events to test their ability in all kinds of different events. There will be all kinds of prizes to be won!!


The CSKA would like to thank all of their members, Especially the instructors for their support throughout 2014.

This year has seen some fantastic events held both at the CSKA’s dojo’s and throughout Britain. We are hoping to build on these for 2015. Watch the events page for further updates for the new year.

We hope that everybody has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

2 Responses to “Christmas Gladiators & Re-start”

  1. Susan Hughes says:

    Gladiator day was really fun! Thanks for organising it, Catherine had a great time. Merry Christmas everyone.

  2. Zoe Evans says:

    Thanks to everyone at CSKA for a great year of Karate in 2013. A special thanks to the instructors for their guidance and support helping me to get to the standard I’m currently at. Let’s all look forward to another successful year in 2014 :D, see you all in January!

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